When trying to find the best ab belt you really need to have in mind what you are trying to achieve.

Do you simply want to have a flatter stomach or are you trying to get that awesome six pack definition?

Typically we find that men go after a six pack, whilst women concentrate more on flattening out the stomach.

There are currently three different types of ab belt on the market, and to choose the best one you need to know the difference between them. We are not going to write about the best ab belt for women or the best ab belt for men here.

This is an article about the types of abdominal toning belts and which are the best types of abdominal belts in general.

Sauna Belt

The sauna type ab belt is one of the older type belts, and by its very nature is not as popular as some of the newer types. There is good reason these are not popular. As the name suggests, they generate a lot of heat.

The problem with these types of ab belts is that they only try to sweat away some of the water weight in your stomach area rather than improve muscle tone. You will therefore find that the water tends to return quickly after use. For this reason we do not rate these type of ab belts very highly.

Vibration Belt

The vibration type ab belt works differently. Whilst this is also an older type of technology it works slightly better than the sauna type belt, but again is not so popular.

As the name suggests the belt works by allowing vibrations to stimulate the fat cells into moving. Once moving, they have a chance of dissipating. There are some claims that they actually cause stomach muscles to get stronger, but the proof is pretty thin on this point, and therefore you should not expect this from these types of device.

EMS Belt

If you really want the best ab belt then you should choose one of the latest electronic muscle stimulation devices. These are the most advanced type of ab belts that are available today, and as such the ones we recommend.

These devices use technology that many athletes use during rehabilitation and physical therapy in order to stimulate muscles into working properly. With proven results like this you can see how they are able to tone muscles in the stomach to produce that awesome definition and six pack.

Electronic muscle stimulation belts work by attaching them firmly to the abdominal muscle area. The belt houses electrodes planted onto gel pads which are placed next to the skin. As the electrical impulses are sent to the ab belt it causes your ab muscles to contract repeatedly, but gentle enough as to not be too much of a discomfort nor cause any damage.

As you can see it is obvious to anyone reading about the different types of ab belt which one is the best. If you are looking for definition and a six pack then you cannot beat an EMS type ab belt.

Of course now you have decided on the best ab belt you will need to consider which type of electric muscle stimulation belt is the best to buy. The EMS technology is the best option for an ab belt.

Out of the numerous EMS ab belts on the market, there are three main competitors for the best ab belt: Flex Belt, Contour Belt and Slendertone Flex. Although their basic technology is similar, each company has created their own version.

Flex Belt

Flex Belt is the first of the ab belts to be approved by the FDA for safety. Additionally, it has two clinical trials performed by Dr. Porcari at the University of Wisconsin proving its effectiveness. It also has the highest intensity options, with options up to 150.

With the EMS type of belts, the higher the intensity, the more your muscles work and the better definition you can get. There is only one type of Flex Belt, although you can purchase accessories and extra gel packs. Additionally, the Flex Belt comes with 60 days guarantee and 2 years warranty.

There are many rave reviews surrounding the Flex Belt, making it a strong contender for best ab belt. Several celebrities and professional athletes endorse the Flex Belt, citing it as the way they have achieved a flat stomach and rock hard abs.

One woman was pleased at how easily the Flex Belt got rid of the “jiggly bits” after having twins. She was able to lose most of the baby weight, but could not get the firm stomach she wanted until she used the Flex Belt.

Numerous other customers, male and female, professional athlete and novice, have found similar results.

Contour Belt

Another contender for the best ab belt is the Contour Belt which also just has one option available for purchase. It does not have the same amount of intensity options as the Flex Belt as it only has 100 different intensity levels.

However with the Contour belt, you can choose various programs for your workout options. There are 6 main programs, and 4 of them have different levels. This creates a grand total of 22 options for a workout program. If you want to have many options for programs, the Contour Belt provides the most options. However, the Contour Belt only comes with a 30-day guarantee and 1 year warranty on parts.

The Contour Belt has many satisfied customers and positive reviews. As one customer stated, “I got fantastic results in a quick amount of time because you’re working muscles that you can’t get to when doing a regular crunch or sit-up.” Additionally, the users of the Contour Belt are pleased with the ease in which you can use it and the great results that can be achieved.

Slendertone Flex

The third best ab belt option is the Slendertone Flex which has the most variety of options to purchase. They have different belts with different exercise options from 2 programs to 7. It also has the intensity option up to 99.

The best aspect of the Slendertone Flex is that there is a variety of price options, as you can opt for a less expensive version with only 2 programs or a more expensive one with 7. There are also different sizes and options based on gender. Slendertone ab belts come with a two-year warranty.

The Slendertone Flex also has many satisfied customers. The majority of reviewers raved at the success in using the Slendertone. Some had used other ab belts before and found the Slendertone to be a worthwhile product. As with any of the belts, the biggest complaint is with the quick wear of the gel pads. One reviewer had tried every ab exercise possible and didn’t get the six-pack abs he wanted until incorporating the Slendertone Flex into his exercise regime.


Out of all of the ab belts available in the marketplace, the best ab belt type is one with EMS technology.

Between the Contour Belt, Slendertone Flex and the Flex Belt, the best choice is the Flex Belt. It uses the most up to date EMS technology and has the highest intensity options. Additionally, it was the first to be approved by the FDA, it uses medical grade technology, and it has been proven in a clinical trial.

Although some of the others have more options for programs, at the end of the day, it is the intensity that creates firmer, more defined abs. Therefore, you want to stick with the ab belt with the highest level of intensity. However, if you are looking to save money, the Slendertone is a good option that costs less than the others.

When doing hundreds of crunches at the gym is not an option, using the best ab belt can get you in shape for swimsuit season with just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. It is still necessary to follow a healthy diet and have additional exercise for optimal health. Using the best ab belt in addition to your normal exercise regime will bring you to a higher level of toned abs.

[success]Whether you are a man or a woman the EMS abdominal toning belts are the most effective. Check out my ab belt reviews for more information on which one is the best.[/success]