The Ab Transform belt made by Beautyko claims on their website that it is cleared by the FDA but I couldn’t find any proof of that claim in the FDA database. They also claim in their advertising that abdominal sculpting is achieved just by wearing the Ab Transform toning belt. However they do not mention that you also need to stick to some sort of diet or exercise plan to reduce the fat that cover your core and abdominal muscles.  The ERSP who reviews ad claims recommended to the company that it stops making such claims in their future advertising. I checked the website and there is no mention of the fact that their claims will only work if you adopt a healthier diet and do some exercise.

The results of this ems workout belt are also not backed up by independent 3rd party clinical trials. I have also found that it lacks the ‘power’ in lower settings do actually move your abdominal muscles to give them a good workout. It does have a few levels but this is probably not enough if you plan on using this ab belt when your abs and core get stronger. The Flex Belt on the other hand is the opposite. It has everything that lacks from this ab belt.

Customer Reviews

It doesn’t work at all. Don’t waste your money; you’ll probably wind up returning it like I did.
Dante Montemarano

Only two of the 4 prongs emit enough electricity to contract the muscles. So I have to keep switching the electrodes from the inner to the outer abs to get a full workout. Takes more time and battery life. Not worth the money for faulty equipment.
Fable Fan

I bought this system, and it worked well for about 2 months. Then, the stimulator control stopped working, and I got no pulse’s at all. It was still under warranty (Beatyko claimed 180 days), so I returned it, and told them to either fix it, or send me one that worked. I heard nothing from them. After 2 months, I wrote again, and I sent the letter via Certified Mail, with return receipt, so I know they got it. Again, I heard nothing. So, last week I filed a complaint against them for not living up to their warranty with the New York State Attorney General’s Office – New York City Office. As of this review, I have not yet heard back from the AG.

Bottom line, don’t buy this unit, if it is from Beautyko. In addition, they are so disreputable, they are not listed as a reputable business with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).


The Ab Transform cost $99.95 if you pay everything at once. Then they also wave the trial fee and give you a workout DVD. If you want to pay in terms then you actually have to pay the trial fee of $14.95 and pay for shipping and handling $9.95. So you actually pay more. What kind of a way is that to treat people that can’t afford to pay at once. I find that a bit weird.


The one thing that is good is that it works with Gel Pads. These are more effective than application of a gel to the electrodes.

I wouldn’t for the life of me recommend this product to anyone. I think there are better ab belts out there that are actually proven to work by 3rd party clinical trials and that are actually cleared by the FDA.

The company called BeautyKo. I have read a lot of bad reviews about their customer service and that they don’t uphold the warranty.